tasteTaste the Place

We firmly believe in keeping value where it’s produced, wherever that may be for you. So we encourage our customers to examine grain crops that grow well in specific areas. In Skagit Valley, we’re developing and testing grain varietals that optimize the balance of enzymes, protein, and carbohydrates. Our varietals thrive in this world-class grain-growing region and allow us to support local farmers in their quest to preserve the health and sustainability of the land around us. In leveraging this region, we are able to turn a commodity rotation crop into a specialty crop.

We’ve tested and developed each grain varietal for our region. These new varieties change the previous monoculture of malting practices, which reduces overall risk to the farmer, provides higher yields and greater ability to naturally sustain our farms.

The Proof is in the Taste

Over the last 100 years, malt has become very monolithic. And, because malt is to beer what grapes are to wine, introducing new and existing varietals allows heightened flavors that are created by both variety and unique terroir. So we expand the malting parameters to bring out a taste that is reflective of our physical place. The new era of malting unlocks unlimited potential for variety in taste and flavor. We’re excited to share our palette with those who want to explore the potential of their craft. When you taste it, you’ll get it.